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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Should I buy land before contacting a builder, or talk to a builder before I buy land?"
    You can come to us with land already picked out and let us help you with design ideas to best utilize the land to fit your needs. Or, you can bring us in at the very beginning. Bring us in early on and describe your ideal home and we can help you find land that meets your needs and vet potential options, issues and benefits of select pieces of land.
  • What do I need to know before I buy land to build a home on?
    There are a quite a few items to consider before buying a piece of land for your home. Where is the power connection? Where is water and sewer connection? What are the set-backs? Any special zoning? What are the mineral and soil rights? Will my dream house fit on the lot? These are just a few items to consider before buying a piece of land due to the potential cost impact. We are your team in this process, and are here to look at potential land with you.
  • What kinds of architectural styles do you offer?
    We are able to work with any style you prefer. There are a few architects that we use regularly and our own team has a strong background in design and can help guide you through different choices and refine the vision of your perfect home.
  • What is the average cost of a basement finish?
    The average cost will vary based on what you want to put in your basement, the average is $45-$65 per square foot. There are many variables that go into this including the overall square footage of the space, smaller square footage will mean a higher cost per sq ft for the same features as a large space. Fireplaces, wet bars, bathrooms etc can bring the cost up. The best option is to have one of our team members come and walk our space, asses your needs, the types of finishes you want and help you with a design that can be priced specific to your project.
  • Where do you work?
    We are currently serving clients in the eastern plains (Calhan, Yoder, Ellicott), Colorado Springs up to Castle Rock and Parker, over to Woodland Park, down to Pueblo. If you have a project outside of those general boundaries please check with us to see if we can assist you still.
  • What does the average deck cost?
    The average cost to build a deck is $35-$65, but depends on many factors. The type of material, location, size, height off the ground, railings, and stairs will all effect your price. Our experts will come and look at the project with you, assess the area and your needs, and help design the perfect outdoor living space for you.
  • How do you price projects?
    We operate on a cost plus basis and utilize BuilderTrend to share costs, updates, and changes in real time with our clients. Billings are provided with cost back up for full transparency. We can help provide a conceptual estimate for budgets.

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