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11 Steps to Build a Home

Building a high-quality, feature-filled home takes attention to detail and a coordinated schedule. 

Having a solid team that works together makes this flow easy. Communicating the process to the homeowner helps them stay involved and understand the next steps being performed in their home. 

Once the plans and lot are picked out, the steps of construction follow the timeline laid out below. 

11 Steps of the Home Building Process

Step 1: Excavation: the site is prepped and excavate for the house layout and to ensure proper foundation from the land. 

Step 2: Footing: The "footer" is the base that your home's foundations is on. The "footer" is the foundation's foundation, a concrete base below the frost line, upon which the foundation sits.

Step 3: Foundation Load-bearing walls of concrete create one of four types of foundations: full basement, knee-wall, crawl space, or slab. The foundation is inspected.

Step 4: Framing of the floors, walls, and roof to form the "skeleton" of the home, After framing inspection, exterior finishes are applied

Step 5: Mechanicals: The heating and cooling system, the plumbing lines, and the electrical system are installed and inspected. 

Step 6:  Insulation is installed in walls and attic.

Step 7: Drywall is installed on the interior walls and ceilings. Then they are finished and texture is applied, then sanded, primed, and painted with a first coat.

Step 8: Ceramic/Resilient Flooring is installed as noted per the plan.  

Step 9: Trim is installed throughout the house. This includes doors, cabinets, and molding.

Step 10: Second coat of interior paint is applied after trim and drywall. 

Step 11: Final Trades install their trim items. This includes installing electrical plugs, light fixtures, faucets, commodes, and appliances. Systems are checked and started.

Step 12: Carpet & Wood Flooring are installed according to the specifications. 

Step 13: Final clean of the home and inspections to allow for turnover to the customer. 

Step 14: Punch walk is performed with the home superintendent and the homeowner. An action plan to correct any punch list items is put together. 

If you need more information or are interested in talking to someone about building a home, please call Bill Reilly 719.220.0734

If you would like to learn about the difference between production homes and custom homes then click here.

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