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Timeless Design

Deciding to build a custom home or remodel your house is an incredibly exciting, yet sometimes daunting experience. You finally get a home that is exactly the way you want, but the amount of decision-making can be overwhelming. We always want your home to be a reflection of yourself and a place that makes you happy. But there are enough design styles to make your head spin. If you need help narrowing them down, may we suggest including some timeless design elements in your plans?

Timeless design doesn’t chase trends and stands the test of time. If you go drive around looking at homes you will notice some homes look relevant today and some that are very dated. Timeless design is even easier to spot inside a home. Some homes just scream the time period they were built. (We’re looking at you pink toilets and orange shag carpet.) Yet other older homes manage to still look relevant today.

Trends can be fun, but if you stick with classic design features as the foundation of your home you will need minimal updates over the years to keep it feeling fresh. A great question to ask yourself is, “Will I still like this in ten years”? If you aren’t constantly updating your home to keep up with the latest trends it can save you money over the years. It can also make things easier if you decide to sell it since you likely won’t have to make a lot of major changes.

So what are the elements of timeless design?

While there isn’t a specific formula for timeless design it is usually simple, understated, sophisticated. It also usually includes a neutral color scheme and a functional floor plan. Timeless design isn’t tied to any specific trend or decade. It remains flexible and beautiful over time.

An important component of timeless design is that it is functional while still being aesthetically pleasing. This would include a floor plan that has a good flow through the house that makes sense where each room is located. The layout is logically designed and functional. Each room has space to place furnishings in a way that makes sense. This would include designing a kitchen can you open and use the major appliances without them getting in the way of each other.

A classic design sticks to a neutral color palette. Think colors like white, beige, grey, and black. Some even consider shades like navy blue and dark green as a part of the color palette as well. This style also includes the use of natural elements such as wood and stone. The use of wooden floors and granite or marble countertops are great examples.

Overall timeless design is exactly what it says it is, timeless. It is far from boring, but it doesn’t cater to the whim of fads. You won’t regret going with a timeless design in your home. You can always try out trends with furniture and decorations since those are easier to change out. If you are ready to add timeless design to your home reach out to us today. We can’t wait to help you create a home that will both meet your needs today and in the future.

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