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What would you really want in your dream home?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The invention of Pinterest and the internet constantly showing us pictures of "pin-worthy" homes has led many of us to dream about our perfect home.

If you are like us you have boards on Pinterest that have all these images saved of gorgeous spaces that are drool-worthy. But not all these spaces are practical or actually fit into the needs of your family or budget.

At Calton, we strive to merge these dream images with the reality of site and budget constraints and your specific needs to truly create a one of a kind home just for you. In order to streamline all the dream images into an actionable floor plan, we have created a Custom Home Design Questionnaire.

In this questionnaire, we get a feel for how you use your space, your top needs and wants, and general design elements you like. This helps us take these elements to the architect or draftsmen and produce drafts of floor plans that are specific to you.

Some of the questions on our questionnaire are:

How will you use your home?

Are you home a great deal?

Do you work from home?

Entertain often?

Have out of town guests often?

Where do you currently spend the most time?

Which areas get the most use?

What functions or activities will the new spaces serve?

Is TV viewing important in certain spaces? Is outdoor living important?

Combining outdoor and indoor living? Is multi-generational living a concern?

Is secondary living room space for kids or gatherings a need? Separate Laundry room? Mud Room?

Walk-in Pantry important? Do you want a formal dining room?

Do you prefer an eat-in kitchen?

This questionnaire is used to guide our team in the design of your new home. Some people come to us with a lot already selected, and others use us to evaluate potential lots for their overall wants and site conditions. If you are looking for a lot then be sure to read out the post about selecting your perfect lot.

If you are looking to build a custom home then reach out to us at 719.220.0734 and we can go through our custom build process and prepare you for what to expect.

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